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LEadership and Team Culture strategist

For the Leaders and Teams of the Future


to their highest potential

We are all leaders, and how we show up speaks more about ourselves than about who we believe we are.

I coach leaders to intentionally define and live their legacy, and I coach teams to find integration, and collaborate to build better workplaces, cultures and countries.

I work with organizations and individuals who choose to rebel against the normalcy and become role models in their leadership for the cause they are championing.

My clients include executives and teams at strategic consultancy firms, hedge funds, Swiss and global banks, pharma companies, as well as private bankers, owners of trading agencies, marketing managers, entrepreneurs, NGO employees, lawyers and university researchers.

ARE YOU Ready to upscale your leadership?

Based on the most researched theories of leadership we will go on a journey, where you will:

  • Build your self-awareness and resilience, despite the circumstances
  • Choose the skills you need in your job to upgrade your leadership
  • Stop the behaviors that are in the way of capping your effectiveness
  • Shine a light on the leader you know you are
  • Craft a leadership plan that will support you in fulfilling your vision

In summary, become the leader people want to follow.

The strategy consists of two mandatory steps:

  1. Build on your inner strengths and competencies
  2. Conquer your fears and perceived barriers that hold you back. Dismantle every negative thought into its atomic size and rebuild it the way it needs to be. 

I base my coaching on 5 different modalities: The Leadership Circle ProfileCo-active coaching, somatic coaching, neuroscience of coaching,  and Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). I arm you with the right, tailored-to-your-need, tools and techniques. The result is a transformational process that will keep you focused on your designed vision.

Your power, truth and unique gifts are already within you, and by accessing them you are EMPOWERED to create the life you’ve always wanted. 

You have it in you – let it blossom

I choose to support the courageous individuals who want to challenge the status quo and inspire future generations, and I choose to support organisations in creating their only sustainable competitive advantage, their leadership culture.

My top values are learning, relationships and leadership.

Let’s design our world.

Doris Saouma

work-life integration

– Learn how to let go of regret and guilt and enjoy the present moment
– Define your boundaries and impose them
– Learn strategies to control overwhelm and procrastination
– Model your leadership, at home and at work, and inspire others to follow suit

strategy & empowerment

– Dissolve your strongest limiting beliefs
– Increase trust in yourself and build an unshakable confidence
– Own your true worth and inspire those around you to do the same
– Build and lead resilient teams and relationships

Negotiating & Influencing

– Utilize tools that will guide your winning conversations
– Create the right environment for growth in your relationships
– Generate the results that seem evasive with a few steps and guiding principles
– Increase creativity and performance on your personal and professional teams

Featured Programs

There are many valid reasons that could explain what is going on in our world. There are also two versions for the same story. For change to happen, it is time to lean into our courage and question what we are responsible for:  the 2% truth.

Are we doing our best to integrate the fears and prejudices of society and challenging ourselves to uphold what we stand and are asking for?

This is my definition of conscious leadership.

Executive Coaching

Calibrate your impact at work

Are you feeling frustrated or disengaged?

Are you procrastinating frequently?

Are your boundaries unclear?

Do you want to play a bigger game?

Do you feel guilt balancing your work and personal life?

Are you trying to fit in or are you using your voice?

Do you need a fresh vision?


Team coaching

Optimize performance and company culture 

Do your employees find meaning in their jobs?

Is there regular, draining conflict on your team?

Is there a culture of appreciation and positivity on your team?

Is the strategy of the firm clearly communicated?

Are you satisfied with your team’s system of feedback and accountability?


Be inspirational


Are you the inspiring leader that people will look up to and follow?

Are you ready to grow your leadership skills?

Have you mastered the art of communication with your team?

Do you have a clear vision for your team?

Are you the leader who walks the talk?

Do you model the need for growth and development?

“I had a wonderful learning experience during my sessions with Doris. I discovered new techniques and concepts that helped me reshape many of my most critical relationships (esp. within my immediate family). I have become a better person – and a more self-aware one – thanks to this joint work. I am astonished how much I changed within such a short period of time.”



Partner | Strategic Consultancy

“Doris, is a soft yet energetic and driven individual. She takes you through a journey which is so deeply embedded within you and takes the time to peel every layer so that you challenge your status quo. She is truly inspirational and encourages you to grow in all aspects of your life. Irrespective of how hard that journey maybe, a true coach is one who approaches it with a gentle, soft skill which in my mind she has clearly accomplished!”




“At 45, while proud of my achievements, I was feeling demotivated and stuck. I constantly felt like I wasn’t living up to my potential. Equally strong was the little voice in my head saying that I should just be grateful for what I have. I needed help with figuring it all out and Doris was the right person to lead me through the process. In just a few sessions, Doris helped me gain some clarity and inner peace and get rid of guilty feelings. I also learned some re-framing techniques that I can use at any moment.”