What if everything in your life has led you here, to this very moment. What would your life be like if you trusted yourself to find the answers, connect the dots, and discover the new possibilities?

About Doris

I am a certified individual and team coach (CFA, CPCC, ACC, ORSC). I coach women in business and finance to find higher levels of integration in their systems, and I coach teams to build better workplaces, a defining vector for better company performance.

Prior to my coaching journey, I worked 10 years in the finance industry. I held various positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Desco Holding, Shuaa Capital, and the American University of Beirut, in audit, equity research, financial analysis, risk management, management consulting, compliance, and academia.

I created my own business and my own family and through it all, I have seen the high price women have to pay to reach the top and fulfill their longings. Why do we accept that? Why do we play small and then blame others and oursleves for dismissing our rights? 

My coaching programs are designed around the holistic nature of human life. As a team, we work with the four dimensions of mind, body, heart and spirit and we acknowledge their unity and fluidity as a manifestation of how we show up.

Doris Saouma Abi-Nassif

I was born in Lebanon, and I currently live in Zurich with my supporting husband and our three amazing children. I love learning languages (fluent in English, French, Arabic, Lebanese, and conversant in German). I own a certified-organic farm that brings me peace and joy. I love playing the piano, dancing tango and the spring season. 

I am your glass ceiling strategist.
I am your work-life balancing scale.
I am your conflict-resolving pause.
I am the guardian of your dreams.


I spent a good part of my life hiding behind my “shy” label. When I was 8 years old, and all the way into my early 20’s, I wore this label to perfection until it became part of my identity.
Yet I knew this wasn’t who I was born to be. I knew in my deepest heart that being an only child to my elderly parents, I was meant to do something bigger and better than just being “good at what I do” or for life to be “fine”. I was surrounded with their “special kind of love” – that meant protective parenting and no possibility to explore the world on my own terms. Understandably, I felt comfortable being called “shy” – at school, with my friends, with relatives and everywhere. Until one day, I fainted.

That day changed my life. My parents decided to step back and allowed me my breath of fresh air. After realizing I had wings, and learning to use them, I looked back at that little girl, said goodbye, and decided to face life head-on: I jumped on every opportunity I had, regardless of how scary it was. 

I stretched myself in ways that made my knees tremble, that made me shake like a leaf, and kept myself focused on the next goal. The freedom that I owned since was priceless. Life for me is motion – no place for regret or guilt, only learning and motion. This is my philosophy in life, and this is what I want to share with you.

I am your accountability partner. I am your biggest fan. If I did it, I know you can.

I will identify the 2% truth – your responsibility in the situation you are currently in. Because if you believe that this is the way things have always gone and settle for it, it is on you. If you believe that there is nothing that can be done, it is not completely true. I will even out all areas of your life, you will have a well-rounded life where all your goals are within reach.

What you will get is the next level you define for yourself.

My ultimate satisfaction is when I see you proud of what you have transformed, genuinely happy to be wherever you are, and ready to commit to the next step on your journey. I would have achieved my own life purpose – and I thank you for the opportunity.

Doris Saouma

Education and Certifications

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) – International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) – Co-active Training Institute (CTI)

Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC) – CRR Global

Somatic Coaching – Coaches Rising

Neuroscience of Change – Coaches Rising

Masters of Science in Real Estate Finance and Investment – New York University

B.A. in Business Administration, finance  – American University of Beirut

CFA charter holder – CFA Institute

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I design my coaching sessions based on the principles and models of Co-active coaching, Somatic Coaching, Neuroscience of Coaching, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC),  and the Leadership Circle Profile.


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Doris is activating, inspiring, nurturing, empowering and passionate in developing others.

She adapts to different personalities. She is insightful, competent, swift, and agile. She is a visionary coach who inspires tranquility and ease. She is a very good listener, creative and delivers a tailor-made solution.

She is smart and has a broad coaching knowledge, which she brings to the conversation. She creates a safe zone making her clients discover by themselves what the problem/solution is.