Skill & Challenge Doris Saouma


Are you ready to upscale your leadership?
No more theories, just practice.
Roll up your sleeves!


• Build your self-awareness and resilience, despite the circumstances
• Choose the skills you need in your job to upgrade your leadership
• Stop the behaviors that are in the way of capping your effectiveness
• Shine a light on the leader you know you are
• Craft a leadership plan that will support you in fulfilling your vision


In summary: people want to follow

This program is for you if

  • You feel you are not setting the right model
  • You are reacting and then regretting
  • Your team is not highly engaged or motivated
  • Your work-life balance is not ideal
  • You would like to be the leader everyone wants to work with



In 2021, we are launching an eight-week online live experiential bootcamp whereby a select group of global leaders will take a deep dive into their leadership approaches, assess the impact their leadership has on those around them, and come together to share their challenges and aspirations in a safe yet courageous space.


  • You feel you are not setting the right model 
  • You are reacting and then regretting
  • Your team is not highly engaged or motivated
  • Your work-life balance is not ideal
  • You would like to be the leader everyone wants to work with 

By signing up, you will get access to:


  • Top-notch evidence-based approaches that we have applied and tested through our worldwide leadership and change management programs
  • A one-stop-shop for a wealth of tools, resources and expertise gathered over the past 10 years through our work with global organizations and leaders
  • A detailed analysis of how your colleagues view your leadership
  • A platform for fellowship with other ambitious and like-minded leaders
  • Two ICF-certified coaches & global facilitators who guarantee that this personalized programme will be worth your time, commitment and investment


Co-active programmes
Session 1: Building your credibility

Discover the number one question that will help you:

  • Remain decisive under pressure and during uncertainty
  • Act with integrity and walk your talk (even when the lines are blurred)
  • Build trust and respect 
  • Inspire loyalty and commitment
  • Trust your gut
  • Build alignment within yourself and with your teams
Session 2: The Secret to your Leadership Success
  • Create the first draft of your vision as a leader
  • Meet your biggest source of resilience
  • Stay grounded regardless of the circumstances
Co-active programmes
Session 3: What’s in the way of your leadership effectiveness?
  • Assess your leadership effectiveness using the Leadership Circle Profile™ breakthrough tool
  • Discover your colleagues’ assessment of your leadership effectiveness and understand the impact you have on them
  • Experience the behaviors that are jeopardizing your leadership effectiveness
Session 4: Reversing your Reactivity
  • Define the one main obstacle preventing you from reaching your highest leadership effectiveness
  • Face your limiting beliefs and recognize their gifts  
  • Analyze your results that will support your leadership journey going forward
Session 5: Recognizing your contributions to business performance
  • Dive into your leadership strengths that are driving business performance
  • Craft your personal strategic move to upscale your leadership effectiveness
Your Leadership Signature
Session 6: Your Leadership Signature
  • Carve out the path to engage and motivate your team
  • Declare your leadership legacy 
Building the right habits for lasting change
Session 7: Building the right habits for lasting change
  • Practice, craft and action your 6-month plan to make things happen… and last!
Celebrating your journey onwards
Session 8: Celebrating your journey onwards
  • Congratulations…over to you! Taking your learnings into your lives and with your teams.