Alter the course of your life by empowering your present and designing your future.

My coaching and consultancy programmes promote personal and professional growth through practical implementation of proven methods and scientific research.

Together, we move from a place of quiet frustration to a place of trust and empowerment, where your can embrace your authentic self and be the leader you were born to be.



Organizational performance is directly tied to effective leadership and the only sustainable competitive advantage today is LEADERSHIP. Preserving that competitive advantage means that leaders and their organizations must develop at a rate that keeps pace with the accelerating magnitude of global change.

“Effective, collective leadership is your ONE competitive and strategic advantage that no one can copy.”  – Dave Schrader, PhD

Take the time to review, challenge and generate new perspectives on the projects, career plans and life choices you really, really want.

Executive Coaching

At the start of the engagement
  1. We design a program based on your specific needs and challenges in your area(s) of focus, then
  2. We meet for 60 mins every two weeks over zoom, or in person
  3. Every session will include actions that will stretch you into your zone of high-performance, just outside your comfort zone.
  4. We meet again to assess impact and lessons learned
What You'll Get
  • Increase capability to lead consciously and with greater self-awareness
  • Confront challenges, both personal and operational
  • Increase focus and productivity and that of your direct reports
  • Improve your ability to create an inspired culture in your part of the organization and contribute positively to the overall organizational culture
  • Engage more effectively with your direct reports, peers, boss and internal and external customers
  • Set clear goals and a vision for the short, medium and longer term
  • Improve your soft skills (listening, leading by example, micromanagement)
  • Improve your people skills (mentoring and developing, team building, listening)
  • Impact directly your personal life
  • Generate a better visibility to the leadership actions that drive or impede results

Team Coaching


Using ORSC tools and methodologies, we will work with your team towards uncovering the main challenges and areas for growth.

The benefits of this work target individuals, teams and the organization as a whole, through:

  • Improving relationships and communication on a system-wide basis
  • Developing a powerful sense of team spirit, enhancing organizational culture, productivity, trust and retention
  • Improving interdepartmental cooperation through the reduction of silos, leveraging diversity and fostering inclusion
  • Developing constructive conflict skills, leading to faster resolution and more alignment
  • Identifying the company’s and team’s goals and undisclosed challenges
  • Increasing the creative potential of the organization or team, leading to better performance results
Sample engagement program

I meet with the stakeholders, individually, to assess the basic needs, strengths, and challenges of the team from their own perspectives

  • We meet all together for the first time and design how the sessions will be run
  • We work on topics using the most researched tools in organisational development and reach alignment on next steps (ORSC)
  • We create actions and accountability at the end of the session
  • We meet in a subsequent session to assess the impact and harness learnings

Leadership Coaching

Leadership is essential and should be integrated into business processes.

Leadership is essential and should be integrated into business processes. Measuring leader effectiveness is as important as measuring other business functions. An easy way to create a baseline for a leader’s effectiveness is through the administration of the Leadership Circle Profile™.


This instrument is a breakthrough among 360-degree assessments.

This instrument is a breakthrough among 360-degree assessments. The survey is administered online and is the first to connect a well-researched battery of competencies with the underlying and motivating habits of thought.

It reveals the relationship between patterns of action and internal assumptions that drive behavior. Ultimately, the Leadership Circle Profile™ goes to the source of behavior to get greater leverage on change.


There are 3 ways to improve the culture inside your organisation

1- The Leadership Circle Profile™, for the strategic leadership team

2- The Leadership Circle Profile™ – Manager Edition, for the managers who have a lesser impact on the company’s strategy and vision 

3- The Collective Leadership Assessment™ – for an assessment of the collective leadership culture in the organisation.

The Leadership Circle Profile, in both its editions, offers leaders the following benefits:

  • Better preparation to confront challenges, both personal and operational
  • Visibility of the leadership actions that drive and/or impede their results
  • Greater focus and productivity from themselves and their direct reports
  • Greater ability to create an inspired culture in their part of the organization and to positively enhance the culture of the overall organization
  • An upward sloping growth curve focusing on both emotional and social intelligence
  • Greater ability to engage effectively with direct reports, peers, boss and internal and external customers

The Collective Leadership Assessment:

  • Shows how people view their current leadership culture
  • Compares that reality to the optimal culture your team members desire
  • Immediately reveals key opportunities for leadership development (The “gap” between data on the current culture and the desired outcome) and forms the focus of the subsequent team coaching sessions
  • Measures how your leadership culture compares to that of other organizations


“A successful career and personal brand are not the result of a solitary lucky break but the result of career choreography, extended application, and character development over time. There are so many more confusing factors obstructing achievements in life and work. In the face of these challenges, personal character is more important than ever. ”

CFA Institute – Investment Professional of the future report,
Changing roles, skills and organizational cultures | May 2019

Be intentional with your future

Set the right intention | Take the right action | Achieve your goal


What is coaching?

In its most simple definition, coaching is a process that takes you from where you are today to where you wish to be, with the support of an accountability partner.

Co-active coaching is a methodology based on the importance of honoring both the being “co-” and the doing “active” parts of our humanity. Without this balance we fall in overwhelm (too much “doing”) or in passivity (too much “being”). The right balance depends on your values, your life purpose and your personal commitments and goals – tools identified at the onset of the engagement. 

Somatic Coaching offers a direct channel to the awareness of our bodily sensations. By noticing sensations in the body, we observe our actions and reactions. This awareness provides us with the choice to respond to challenges from a place of consciousness and wisdom rather than reactivity, one of the most important tools in leadership.

The Neuroscience of change coaching methodology supports this work by focusing on practice and commitment, and how the brain responds to change. Research shows that any transformation requires:

(1) awareness,

(2) capacity, 

(3) practice,

(4) and takes 6 to 9 months to be achieved.

In practical terms, we identify an area that we need to change, and we practice the desired skill in low-stakes environments. Whether it is a specific goal or an automatic reaction we wish to get rid of, we define it (create awareness) and we replace it with the effective reaction that serves the specified purpose (capacity and practice).

The creation of these new neural pathways (our new ways of being) to replace automatic, old pathways (our immediate reactivity), is known as neuroplasticity of the brain and allows us to access positive learning states where real change can happen, and stay.

Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching is a systemic coaching methodology that sees the various parties as one entity on its own (teams, groups and relationships: interdependent entities with a common focus or identity). We focus on alignment, change management and conflict resolution. For individuals, this applies to our personal relationships, work relationships, and relationships with the different aspects of the self (shy self, professional self, strong self, creative self…) We accept divergent narratives and forget the need to identify “one truth”. We use tools such as constellations, team toxins identification and deep democracy framework.

Is it suitable for me?

If you are satisfied with the way life is unfolding for you, and you will be satisfied if things keep happening in the same way, a year from now, then this is NOT for you. If, on the other hand, you feel you have more to give, and in return to get more from life in terms of satisfaction, fulfillment, alignment and energy, then coaching is for you.

What do we do during the sessions?

At the beginning of every session, you choose your topic. We then define the structure of the session and the expectations at the end of it. Coaching follows for 50 minutes, at the end of which we decide on a commitment that will bring you closer to your desired goal.

We go deeper than any typical conversation: we discuss values, we challenge limiting beliefs, we find the heart of conflicts, we align decisions to your values and life purpose, we learn tools to make tough decisions easier, and we create challenges that get us closer to where we want to reach. We understand important relationships and become more open to the partners in our lives.

In summary, we are more aligned and fulfilled.

What can I expect from it?

You can expect:

  • Deeper self-awareness, including knowing your goals and limiting beliefs (emotional intelligence)
  • Clarity of path to goals and what holds you back from reaching those goals (action-oriented sessions)
  • A safe space to look at other perspectives (social intelligence)
  • A different level of conversation
  • An accountability partner

How many sessions do I need to see results?

You will see results from the first session. There will always be insights during every sessions, otherwise it would be just another conversation.

In terms of achieving specific goals, the classical answer “it depends” fits in here. It depends on where you are now, and how difficult your goals are to achieve. If it is a communication issue, it can be tackled in one session or two, and the rest is “practice, practice, practice”.

If the goal is work-life integration, it will take longer to find the right boundaries and needs from all stakeholders.

If the goal is finding the right job for you, it might take a little longer.

Coaching is a journey. It is a mindset shift from stagnation and status quo to movement and growth.

Is it individual or in groups?

Coaching is for individuals and groups. Depending on the client’s needs, we tailor a program that fits the desired outcome.

During our sessions, we discuss topics that include relationships with peers, superiors, partners or family members, using group communication principles.

Inside organizations, I coach executives and teams.

Does coaching work for business teams?

Based on the Gallup 2017 survey, 76% of the people with full-time jobs in the United States are not engaged. In Europe, it is 83%. Can you imagine the impact of these statistics on performance?

Coaching creates a company culture conducive to collaboration, creativity and optimal performance.

Some of the coaching results: 

  • Sustainable improvements in relationships and communication on a system-wide basis, enhancing organizational climate, productivity and retention.
  • Reducing decision latency, leading faster to action.
  • Associating with the company’s vision and team’s goals.
  • The capacity to increase the creative potential of the organization or team, leading to better performance results.


“Never had I imagined that a logical and analytical person like me would benefit from coaching. I had believed myself perfectly capable of rationalizing any issue I was facing, but what I realized through coaching with Doris is that I was either unaware of some issues or fixated on the wrong ones. With her remarkable intuition, Doris would leave no stone unturned; she led me to question the status quo that was hindering my professional fulfillment, and empowered my problem solving nature to change it.”


Partner | Investment Manager

“I had the pleasure of working with Doris during a particularly tiring period of my life when I was struggling with my life’s purpose, having stepped off the career ladder to raise two small children abroad, whilst also trying to start up my own small business and be the perfect wife and mother. I was finding it difficult to focus on even small tasks and felt a general sense of overwhelm that I had never experienced before. Doris is the perfect coach, calm and comforting, patient and supportive whilst managing to connect me with my inner self with ease and compassion. Within a week I had de-cluttered parts of my home that were really causing me stress, and a few sessions later, I had gained more clarity and inner peace than I had felt in a long time. With Doris’ help I was able to begin to quieten the voices within and start to take concrete steps forward in my personal and career goals. Her help was invaluable.”



Entrepreneur and Advocate for Women’s Financial Freedom

“I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Doris. I met her in a very stressing period in where almost every aspect of my life was a struggle. I had the pleasure of working with her 1-on-1 and I am astonished at how much she did achieve in just a few sessions. Her ability to handle multiple topics that where increasingly challenging for me was like a breath of fresh air.
She has taught me exercises and tools to reach out at any time under any circumstance. It has made a dramatic increase in my productivity level and how I handle things. As a leadership coach, Doris has earned my highest recommendation.”




“Doris is a keenly intuitive, skillful and witty coach. She understands her clients and their needs. She is equally empathetic as well as a champion for her clients. She guides her clients to personal and professional growth through asking powerful questions and stretching a client’s perceptions beyond their self-imposed limits, affording them to work outside of their comfort zone, to think outside of the box and to expand their range as individuals or professionals. She is also a creative problem solver and is highly capable of working with teams or one-on-one. I would highly recommend her coaching services!”